2018 Workshops - Joshua Snow

2018 Workshops

Have you ever attended a workshop?  

Have you ever asked your instructor for their credentials or even cared?

Or did you  just assumed they did the right thing and have all their ducks in a row.

But what if something happened? Are you protected?

Have you ever wondered if you were on a workshop in the back country and broke a leg what would your instructor do? are they even certified in CPR/AED or first aid?

Are they even a real business?

Are they taking away from the local community by not being a real business?

Have you ever wondered if they are even permitted to conduct business in the national parks?? 

The national parks require a huge insurance policy, that protects them, me and most of all YOU, in the event of an accident.

They also require all permit holders to be certified in CPR/AED and first aid.

Another requirement is to be an actual business. 

The parks want to make sure everyone is covered above and beyond just a liability waiver. 

•I am certied in CPR/AED and back country first aid.

•I am Insured for $2 Million dollars.

•I am an established LLC, registered with the state of Utah and am licensed by the city of Moab.

•I am permitted by the National Park Service to lead you on still photography tours and workshops.

When considering one of my workshops, let this give you peace of mind that youre in good hands! I really look forward to seeing you on one of our adventures!

***All Workshops are non refundable due to weather, or the like. A "rain check" for any other workshop will be given if the workshop needs to be cancelled. This will give you immediate first choice and slot of any workshop, or if you prefer, a private workshop can be scheduled.