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"Alderaan" White Pocket, Arizona, Desert, Milky way, stars, dark, Tree, Joshua Snow, Workshop


"Fallen" Colorado, crystal mill, milky way, mountains, night, sky, waterfall, Joshua snow, workshop


"Impact" crater lake, milky way, island, stars, dark, night, sky, stars, tree, lake, joshua snow

“Impact”~Crater lake N.P. Oregon

"Goodnight Moon" Maroon bells, colorado, milky way, night, stars, sky, mountains, lake, joshua snow, workshop

“Goodnight Moon”~Maroon Bells, Colorado

"Star Shadows" Death valley, national park, california, sand dune, mesquite dunes, stovepipe wells, night, sky, long exposure, blue hour blend, joshua snow

“Star Shadows”~Death Valley N.P. California

"Portal" utah, escalante, desert, night sky, stars, dark, arch, sandstone, joshua snow


"Space Man" Alabama hills, lone pine, california, rock, stone, milky way, arch, night, sky, stars, joshua snow, workshop

“Space Man”~California

"Genesis" Oregon, coast, Milky way, sea, ocean, waves, stars, sky, night, Joshua Snow, Workshop


Utah, wasatch, uninta, lake blanche, sundial peak, milky way, stars, mountain, lake, sky, night, stars,

“Cradle of Stars”~Utah

"Driven" Death valley, racetrack, playa, milky way, stars, night, sky, dirt, rock, stone, long exposure, joshua snow, workshop

“Driven”~Death Valley N.P. California

"Alter of Sacrifice" zion national park, milky way, virgin river, watchman, mountain, stream, night, sky, tree, fall, autumn, cottonwood, joshua snow, workshop

“Alter of Sacrifice”~Zion N.P. Utah

"Candy Dreamland" White pocket, arizona, stone, rock, milky way, stars, night, sky, desert, hot, dry, joshua snow, workshop

“Candy Dreamland”~Arizona

"River to the Stars" milky way, utah, desert, lake, stars, sky, milky way,

“River to the Stars”~Utah

"Kicking Rocks" Alabama hills, lone pine, california, rock, stone, milky way, arch, night, sky, stars, joshua snow, workshop

“Kicking Rocks”~California

"Hoodoo Voodoo" Desert, hoodoo, new mexico, badlands, clay, soil, rock, stone, dark, night, milky way, stars, moon, blue, vertical, joshua snow

“Hoodoo Voodoo”~New Mexico

"Zion by Night" Zion, national park, joshua snow, milky way, winter, stars, sky, night, mountain, river, long exposure

“Zion by Night”~Zion N.P. Utah

"Goblins" goblin valley, state park, utah, milky way, stars, night, stone, rock, joshua snow, workshop

“Goblins”~Goblin Valley S.P. Utah

"Star Gate" Delicate arch, milky way, stars, sky, night, stone, sand, long exposure, joshua snow, workshop

“Star Gate”~Arches N.P. Utah

"Sawtooth Night" sawtooth mountains, stately lake, milky way, stars, long exposure, joshua snow,

“Sawtooth Night”~Idaho


My Name is Joshua Snow, I am a Fine Art landscape and Night Photographer born in the Appalachian Mountains but raised in the Finger Lakes region of Upstate NY. In 2012 I had reached... Read more