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California Redwoods and Southern Oregon Coast ~ June 4th-7th

Southern Oregons Rugged Coast and The Coastal California Redwoods

Includes 3 Nights Lodging (more details below)

Have you ever witnessed something so powerful, yet beautiful that you couldn’t quite convey to others the feelings you felt while there? The Southern Oregon coast and coastal Redwood Forests are sure to do just that! With amazing jagged sea stacks, crashing waves, natural caves and bridges, the coast of Oregon has no shortage of opportunity to make great images that will leave your friends and family in awe! The mystical Redwood forests of Northern California offers totally different types of conditions with lush, green trillium, moss, ferns, massive blossoming Rhododendrons, and morning lights rays piercing the veil of fog that will leave you completely speechless!

Group Size

5 Students

Experience Level



Rugged Coastline


Moderate Hiking (less than 1 mile)

The cost of this 3 day and 3 night workshop is $1400.00 with a required, and non-refundable deposit of $500.00 to hold your spot.

***3 nights of lodging included, private rooms in a beautifully cozy Air B&B

This workshop will be limited to 4 students to maximize personal attention.

We will be based out of our beautiful Air B&B in Crescent City, California located right on the border of Oregon and California and equidistant from all of our shooting locations! 

You will need to sort your own travel and to provide your own transportation for this workshop, but all lodging is included throughout with private rooms! All you need to do is make it to Crescent City! 

The Oregon coast is a place that has captivated me for years. Its like no other place, even when you’re just a few minutes from the next coastal town it feels like your’e on another planet! The giant rocks and sea stacks that rise sharply from the ocean and pounded by the frigid pacific are incredible! With craggy shelves of jagged rock and coral we will have endless opportunities to capture the ebb and flow of waves, and be creative with long exposures!

The weather can be fickle and change on a dime, with rain and fog that can break away revealing amazing clouds and golden light, there is always something to be seen and photographed along the coast. Theres no lack of mystical wonder about the coast, toting from little coastal town to little coastal town, feasting on fresh crab and seafood at dockside shacks, we will spend 3 days and 3 nights along the Southern Oregon coast and Northern California Coastal Redwoods.

For 2 mornings we will visit the Northern California coastal Redwood forests during the height of the wild Rhododendron bloom! If you’ve never seen giant “Rhodie” trees in full bloom amongst giant Redwoods then you are in for a magnificent treat! In the early mornings these wet, temperate forests fill with fog blown in from the sea, the sun rises and pierces through the fog diffusing the sun, and creating stunning rays of light!

There is something very special about being amongst the oldest and largest trees still living, something mystical, magical and inspiring. You might find that the fog moves through the forest like waves, appearing, disappearing and reappearing without warning and almost instantly. Be ready to move quickly to capture it as it comes! If you blink you might miss it!


The itinerary will be very fluid, and heavily based on the conditions and weather, but with 3 days and nights we will have no shortage of things to capture! From the flower covered hillsides to the giant Redwoods, amazing rock formations along the coast, tide pools, and crashing waves!

We will gather at our accommodations located at 2350 Parkway Drive Crescent City CA 95531 at 5pm on Tuesday June 4th for a quick check in and meet and greet! Before we set out for our first evening in the field! We won’t waste any time!

Wednesday morning we will visit the Redwoods bright and early for a hopefully foggy morning! When the light breaks through illuminating the trunks of these massive trees whilst fog is swirling around, its a sight to behold!

When we return we will have a beautiful breakfast prepared for us by my better half! We will spend each afternoon critiquing your photos, and processing images captured by the group, and all of the post processing will be screen recorded with audio and available for you all to watch time and time again, so you never have to worry about missing a thing!

The evenings will be spent capturing amazing rock formations being battered by the relentless waves of the pacific, or along the flower covered hillsides near by!

Weather provided we will spend at least one night capturing the starts and the Milky Way!

Things You Will Need for This Workshop

  • A camera (Full frame is ideal)
  • A tripod (sturdy, aluminum or heavy carbon is essential)
  • Cable or wireless shutter release
  • A camera cover (rain cap, plastic bag, backpack cover etc.. to protect from elements)
  • Filters (We will use polarizers, 3 stop ND filters, and 3 stop grads frequently, a 10 stop could be useful for very long exposures)
  • Clothing for moderate, and wet conditions early mornings could be in the 40’s and wet (Waders, wading boots/shoes, rain jacket, rain pants, poncho, hat, umbrella)
  • Clothing for warm dry days (sandals, shorts, t-shirts, hat, sunglasses)
  • Camera bag with water proof or resistant cover
  • Laptop, hard drives
  • Memory cards (multiple)
  • Camera batteries with chargers

Topics Covered

Composition ~ Using patterns of waves during long exposures as leading lines, and many other compositional techniques

Camera Settings ~ Getting very intimate with your gear!

Create use of Filters ~Polarizer, 3 stop ND, 3 stop soft graduated ND essential, 10 stop optional

How to capture movement ~ Waves & Fog

How to take advantage of any light


Focus Stacking  

Metering ~ Where and what to expose for and why

Finding focus ~ Understanding hyperlocal distance, where to focus and why

How to read your Histogram ~ Don’t trust your LCD

Raw Processing

Exposure blending

Focus stacking ~ Using Photoshop and Helicon Focus

Global and Local adjustments via Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop

Creating and Enhancing light

Dodging & Burning

Curves &  Levels

Blend If

Luminosity, Channel, and Color Range Masking


**Cancellation Policy** Your credit card number is due upon booking and payment of deposit. Deposits are non refundable and if cancelled the deposit will go toward another group or private workshop. If you cancel within 30 days of the scheduled event and your seat cannot be filled the remaining balance will be charged to your card.