My Mission Statement as an Artist and Instructor

Photography is just one of so many mediums of which one can create art, and in my own work I take many liberties, and departures from that of traditional photography. I consider my work fine art and as such I have an extremely deep personal connection with my work, and with the scenes of which I capture. When you decide to work with me, you decide to step across the threshold of absolute realism, unlocking creativity. Remember the scene the way you want to!

My goal with any workshop isn’t about the destination, but about the connection. When one can connect with a scene the ensuing photographs will reflect that. Rather than herd you from one location to another we take time to take it in, absorb the scene which ultimately allows you to think more clearly, which of course allows for the creative juices to flow. There are a million ways to see and capture a scene, and we want to find your way, and cultivate your creative vision.

During our classroom sessions we will focus on a logical and memorable workflow that may not quite be linear but will allow the highest quality of your work. Many of the techniques and tricks we will learn over the course of a workshop will help hone your skills and reform your workflow until the day you lay the camera down.

Discover Moab~Snow Covered Red Rock~March 6th-10th

Join me for 4 days, and 4 nights (Lodging  included) In and around Moab, Utah. We will explore the canyon tops, and the stunning sandstone features throughout Moab’s amazing National Parks!  Canyonlands, and Arches National Parks offer two very different experiences! We can be high above the deep canyons, in the clouds, or awed by amazing natural arches formed in the sandstone! All backdropped by 13,000 ft snow capped mountains!  Click for more details!



Eastern Sierra's~Mountain Light & Beauty~April 3rd-7th

Join me for 4 days and 4 nights (Lodging included, some shared space, some private rooms), traveling along Californias Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains! Mammoth, Bishop, Mono Lake, Alabama Hills, and the Owens River valley! This area has long been known for its amazing, and understated beauty, ruggedness, and opportunity for adventure! This workshop will take us through an array of scenery, from snaking rivers, to 4,000 year old trees, mountains, and amazingly delicate natural sand sculptures! Click more for details!



Oregon Coast and Redwoods~Power and Beauty~May 29th-June 2nd

Join me for 4 days, and 4 nights (Lodging  included) Along the incredible, rugged Oregon Coast! We will spend our days traveling south visiting amazing sea stacks, lighthouses, secret beaches, natural stone bridges, and foggy coastal Redwood forests bursting with blossoming Rhododendron trees! 

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Glacier National Park~Wild~Life and Wild~Flowers~July 31st-Aug 4th 2019

Join me for 4 days, and 4 nights (Lodging and transportation included) in one of Americas last great wildernesses! Glacier National Park, is the park of parks, with towering peaks and bountiful glacial lakes its bound to leave a life lasting impression on you that will make you want to return again and again! 

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My Name is Joshua Snow, I am a Fine Art landscape and Night Photographer born in the Appalachian Mountains but raised in the Finger Lakes region of Upstate NY. In 2012 I had reached... Read more