2018 Workshops - Joshua Snow Fine Art Photography Workshops

2018 Workshops

*All Participants are responsible for their own travel and transportation to and from destinations, Lodging and meals could be included in a case by case basis.

Throughout the course of these workshops, many topics will be covered, and everyone learns at their own pace so please do not hesitate to ask questions! 

Topics covered throughout all workshops offered are:


•Planning a trip: Weather, sun and moon phases, rise and set times, geographical relationships to the sun and moon.

•Pre-visualizing an image, or images

•Capturing all of the data needed to bring that vision to life

•Creative exposure control: i.e. Bracketing, exposure shifting

•Use of filters for creative purposes and light balancing

•Composition: i.e. Leading lines, use of sky and foreground, rule of thirds, and breaking the rule of thirds

•How to find compositions and use elements to create intriguing compositions

•Focus stacking, and perspective blending

•Focusing at night

•Capturing the stars

•Stacking for noise reduction

•Blue hour blending for compelling and detailed night images

•Star Trails


•Basic, global and selective adjustments in Adobe Lightroom

•Exposure blending in Photoshop

•Use of layers in Photoshop

•Use of Smart Objects in Photoshop/ACR (Adobe Camera Raw)

•Light Shaping (Dodging and Burning Creatively)

•Focus Stacking, and Perspective blending in Photoshop

•Use of Curves, Levels, and other tools in photoshop

•Warping, perspective shifting, and transforming layers to improve composition

•Luminosity, Channel, and color range masking

•Stacking for noise reduction (night photos)

•Star trails

•Exposure blending (Blue hour foregrounds with Night skies for more detailed and compelling night images)

•"Cleaning up" images: i.e. Noise, Hot and dead pixels, cloning, healing, and patching 

•Print preparation, Color Profiling

Things to consider when signing up for a workshop with any leader or instructor

Have you ever attended a workshop?  

Have you ever asked your instructor for their credentials or even cared?

Or did you  just assume they did the right thing and have all their ducks in a row.

But what if something happened? Are you protected?

Have you ever wondered if you were on a workshop in the back country and broke a leg what would your instructor do? are they even certified in CPR/AED or first aid?

Are they even a real business?

Are they taking away from the local community by not being a real business?

Have you ever wondered if they are even permitted to conduct business in the national parks?? 

The national parks require a huge insurance policy, that protects them, me and most of all YOU, in the event of an accident.

They also require all permit holders to be certified in CPR/AED and first aid.

Another requirement is to be an actual business. 

The parks want to make sure everyone is covered above and beyond just a liability waiver. 

•I am certied in CPR/AED and back country first aid.

•I practice and uphold Leave No Trace principals

•I am Insured for $2 Million dollars.

•I am an established LLC, registered with the state of Utah and am licensed by the city of Moab.

•I am permitted by the National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management, and many State Parks throughout the Southwest to lead you on still photography tours and workshops.

When considering one of my workshops, let this give you peace of mind that youre in good hands! I really look forward to seeing you on one of our adventures!

**Cancellation Policy** Your credit card number is due upon booking and payment of deposit. Deposits are non refundable and if cancelled the deposit will go toward another group or private workshop. If you cancel within 30 days of the scheduled event and your seat cannot be filled the remaining balance will be charged to your card. 

"I'd been following Joshua's photography for awhile, but when a move across country landed my wife and I in Moab for a few days, I thought "What a better way to experience these parks than with someone who knows them so intimately?" Am I glad I did! Joshua was incredibly knowledgeable about where the best light would be at certain times and how to get there. He helped me plan and execute multiple shots, including an EPIC milky way in Arches. He's very personable, and after 5 minutes of hanging out, felt like you'd known him your whole life! I learned more from my conversations with Joshua on our one day outing than I have in the past 4 months combined about photography. Highly recommend taking a workshop or solo excursion with Joshua, and hopefully will do so again myself someday."~Chris Maust

"Great photographer and great teacher! Josh showed me so much more about photography and after taking the workshop I feel like I’ve improved on a ton even though it was only a couple days with him.Very passionate about photography which is displayed in his teaching. Super nice guy and really knows some great spots. 100% would recommend for a workshop and hope to take another one of his in the future. He helped me a ton with the editing portion as well and now I can finally finish some shots I’ve been intimidated to work with in photoshop. Had an awesome weekend and came away with some great shots. Psyched to go out and shoot and improve on these techniques!" ~Leon Lafebvre

"I just attended a workshop with Joshua and it was great. The locations he took us to were amazing. For me the best part, as an amateur photographer, was the one-on-one help. I have taken other workshops and did not come away from them with the level of knowledge that I came away from with this one. I can't wait to work with Joshua again."~ Kirk C.

"A once in my lifetime experience! Joshua far exceeded my expectations. The knowledge I gained was surpassed only by the adventures we experienced during our night sky workshop. if you're debating wether to experience the workshop, BOOK IT NOW! You'll walk away with memories that last a lifetime, a new friend, a bunch of knowledge, and countless amazing photos to impress everyone back home. Thanks Joshua!!"~Danny Archibald

"I spent a couple days at Josh's waterfall workshop in the Finger Lakes and learned a lot. Josh does a great job explaining the basics as well as more advanced techniques. Highly recommended!"~Mark Kluczynski

"This was my first ever private photography session. i took a private session in dead horse state park on Sept 13 2017. Boy o Boy - i was able to schedule one with the best of the best in business. Josh's pre-prep suggestions were spot on - from advising on the lens , equipment . He was meticulous in location planning for both sunset and milky way. He is very approachable in the field answering questions , checking my results . After a night shooting ,he helped me with the post processing as well . His sounding board is his immense depth of knowledge on both photography and post processing. Me and my friend are planning to return for next year . So for all people looking for private classes , look no further than joshua snow"~Venkat Yerubandi

"Josh is THE BEST. I just finished a two day workshop with him, and learned more than I could have imagined. His technical expertise and creativity are beyond measure. He exhibits patience, kindness, and organization through all situations. In the field, it doesn't take long before everyone within earshot recognizes his skill level. Josh was always helpful to everyone that approached. The main reason I recommend Josh is that his work speaks for itself. His talent shines. Under his guidance I was able to capture images I only ever dreamed about. By far this is THE BEST WORKSHOP IN MOAB."~Dan Kinney

Just do it! At the end of April 2017, I participated in Joshua’s Arches and Canyonlands Milky Way and landscape Panorama Workshop and am so glad that I did. I came away with skills, techniques and jaw dropping pictures I am sure to enjoy for decades. I learned about the workshop a only few weeks before it started and was able to get a slot due to a cancellation, Joshua keeps the group small to ensure lots of personalized attention. Before the workshop, he made sure I had the correct equipment, can you say Nodal bar, and answered all questions I had. Two days before the start he contacted the participants to see if we could start a night early due to weather! It turned out to be a great call as Thursday night was clear and Friday night was cloudy! Joshua has the technical expertise with the camera and software and the demeanor to teach it in a relaxed way. In the field, he was always there to provide advice, double check setting and triple check the results. In the classroom, he made sure we knew what we were doing and why. I had experience with Lightroom but no time with Photoshop and Joshua took the time explain much of the basics and terminology. This was my first photography workshop and my expectations were greatly exceeded. If you want to accelerate your skills in an immersive workshop led by a passionate, skilled, National Park and BLM licensed photographer and adventurer then take one of Joshua’s workshops. Furthermore, it is only set of workshops that I am aware of that offers both infield and classroom (Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop software) sessions. Just do it and reaps the rewards!"~Ron Gleason

"If you want a great learning experience, you need to take a workshop from Joshua. He has a gift for capturing nature which is unique, and something that not every photographer or artist possess. You can see it in his images, but also in the process he uses, from composition to editing. He is truly talented, I would highly recommend courses with him if you are serious about capture nature in a unique way. Keep up the great work Joshua!"~Duane Weenig