Escalante's Wonders June 14th-17th - Joshua Snow Fine Art Photography Workshops

A deposit of $350.00 is required to save your spot!

The fee for this epic adventure  is $1100.00 per participant, and is limited to Six (6) adventurous participants. It includes 3 full days of in-field and classroom instruction, a minimum of 3 participants will be needed for this to take place! Don't wait! 

This workshop is a very special one, in one of Utahs incredible monuments. Grand Staircase Escalante is one of the most diverse, and interesting areas in Utah with incredible slot canyons, Arches, badlands, toadstools, hoodoos and more. Its also an area under severe threat of disappearing. 

**All participants will be responsible for bringing their own gear; tents, sleeping bags, food, water, and equipment. 1 spare set of camping gear is available. Or providing your own lodging in town and will need to travel back and forth (not recommended).

This workshop will consist of 2.5 days, and nights of shooting, with a processing session at the end in the town on Escalante. Locations and times will remain flexible so that we can take advantage of the best light and conditions. 

Some of the potential locations might include:

•Zebra Slot Canyon

•Spooky and Peek-a-boogulch

•Sunset Arch

•Dance Hall Rock

•Devils Garden

Due to the distance from the town of Escalante (40 miles to some of our locations over washboard grading) camping will be the best option for the duration, we will meet Thursday evening at Nemo's, the best burger joint in Utah! for a meet and greet and discuss meeting points, locations, and times. The workshop will begin Friday and conclude Sunday early afternoon at the Canyon Country Lodge, 760 E Highway 12 Escalante, Utah 84776

GSENM has one dispersed camping area near our operational area, in Sooner rocks, and requires an overnight permit. We as group will check into the visitors center to discuss overnight permitting and camping. 

Enjoy this incredible landscape, and learn how to create beautiful Astro and Landscape imagery! 

You will be guided to some of the coolest areas of GSENM and learn things like low level lighting to give your night photos that something extra! Learn how to compose, focus stack, perspective blend, make star trails, and stack night images for noise reduction!

The group will be capped at six to ensure each participant gets the most out of the workshop and leave you with a head, heart and hard drive FULL of unforgettable knowledge and experiences.

Things you will need to have and know for this workshop:

•A sturdy tripod

•A DSLR, Preferably a full frame sensor but crop sensors will work!

•A shutter release cable

•A wide angle lens, like the Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8, 17-35mm f/2.8, 20mm f/2.8Canon 11-24mm f/2.8, 16-35mm f/2.8(although not recommended due to extreme coma), the rokinon (or Samyang)14mm f/2.8 to name just a few.

•A hiking or backpacking pack

•~20º or less rated sleeping bag

•A packable tent

•Warm clothes, that can be layered as the day time temps can rise to over 50º possibly higher. •Snacks, and dehydrated meals

•Lots, and lots of water as it will also be used for cooking your dehydrated meals! (Mountain House brand is my favorite!) (Check Amazon)

•A laptop with Photoshop and Lightroom, I recommend Adobes creative suite!

•Plenty of batteries

•Lots of memory cards!

•External drives if you work off of one, or save to one.

•Flashlights, and headlamps

Things you might want:

•Trekking poles


•Scarf or buff (sandstorms occur regularly)

•Camp stove and cooking vessel (recommended!)

•Hydration tabs

The workshop will conclude on sunday after we've captured sunrise, and travelled back to the town of Escalante for our 5 hour processing session!

In field topics covered:


•Focusing in the dark

•Focus stacking

•Time blending (preconceiving our compositions and shooting the foregrounds in the blue hours to blend with skies in post processing)

•Shooting for stacking (stacking high iso frames for the best possible noise reduction)

Star trails

•Calculating low ISO exposures

•Planning your shots, locations, and compositions using the Photopills App

•Indirect light painting

Post Processing topics covered:

•Stacking high ISO sky frames for noise reduction (using Starry landscape stacker for Mac) •Blending blue hour frames and night skies together

•Star trails (using Starstax)

•Lightroom RAW file optimization

•Photoshop masking, milky way enhancement techniques, sharpening, web sharing preparation, and print preparation.

•Use of Googles free NIK collection

Please read the cancellation policy at the bottom of this page well.

All Participants are responsible for their travel to and from the locations.

•Dark Corridor•

•Dark Corridor•

A mysterious, dark, and narrow slot canyon in Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument, Utah.

**Cancellation Policy** Your credit card number is due upon booking and payment of deposit. Deposits are non refundable and if cancelled the deposit will go toward another group or private workshop. If you cancel within 30 days of the scheduled event and your seat cannot be filled the remaining balance will be charged to your card.