Moab and Beyond July 12th-15th - Joshua Snow Fine Art Photography Workshops
•A River Winding•

Dylan Knight~Astro Tracking Instructor





•Nikon D810&D850

•Nikkor lenses

•Sky Watcher Star Adventurer (Tracker)


Australian Landscape photographer, based in Utah, America. My primary focus is landscape photography but dabble in wildlife and astrophotography. I am extremely passionate about photography and have a great appreciation for where it takes me. I have met some amazing people through this journy and visited incredible places in which those memories will last a lifetime. It's my goal to attempt to capture the beauty this world has given us and inspire people along the way.

A deposit of $350.00 is required to hold your spot!

The second installment of the Discover Moab workshop is one day longer than the March installment, the registration fee for this workshop is $1,300.00, is limited to 8 eager explorers and includes 3.5 days of in-field and classroom instruction!

**All participants are responsible for their own travel to and from locations and will need to provide their own lodging for the duration in or around Moab! (July is very warm, and camping should definitely be an option for you!)

Join me in one of the coolest places around, the place I call home, Moab! Popular destination for not only photographers but almost every other outdoor extreme sport known to man! 

For 2 nights and 2 days we will travel between Arches and Canyonlands National Parks, and Deadhorse Point State Park before departing Moab for a sunset, stars and sunrise at Goosenecks State Park, about 2 hours and 20 minutes SE in search of compelling compositions and golden light! All four parks are a plethora of opportunity for landscape and night photography! 

During this workshop the milky way core (most visible part) rises before 11pm and ends around 4am, so we will be out late after sunset! (sunrises are optional, and will require unanimous group decision whether we stay out all night, or cash in and catch sunrise!)

We will cover every photography topic there is (refer to workshop main page for a list), and you'll be able to flex the every bit of knowledge you have and will have during this workshop, you'll also be able to utilize every focal length lens you have but there are a few "must's" you'll want to have for this! 

As a special bonus I have brought on experienced star tracking guru Dylan Knight, and he will be able to take you through the paces of what star tracking is, the equipment you'll need, techniques, and post processing of the images captured to bring out the most of the night sky! 

We will kick this off with a meet & greet on Thursday July 12th at 3pm at the Moab Brewery, where we will discuss our plan for the first evening and night, experience levels, and get to know each other! Then set out to capture our sunset and find a nice composition for the milky way and stars using apps like Photopills' augmented reality to plan the shot!

We will stay out as late as the group wants to capture the night, but the decision to turn in earlier is available unanimously if made unanimously by the group to allow adequate rest and time to make a sunrise! 

The rest of the itinerary will remain fluid and flexible to allow us to take advantage of the best conditions we have! There will be two Processing sessions throughout this workshop, one on Friday afternoon, the other on Saturday morning before we depart for Goosenecks! 

We will wrap up and say our goodbyes after capturing sunrise on Sunday!

~I will be available for extra days if you require more instruction! 

Things you'll need and want:

•Your camera, preferably something with good low light performance to truly take advantage of the dark skies of Moab.

•A wide lens with an aperture like f/2.8

•A mid to long range zoom for macro and intimate landscape scenes

•A sturdy tripod

•A Shutter release cable

•A laptop with Adobe photoshop and Lightroom is preferred

•Clothes for all conditions, its quite cold at night, and mild to warm during the day

•Sturdy and comfortable shoes, perhaps a couple of choices

•A hat, or buff for sun protection


•A comfortable backpack

•Plenty of snacks and water

•Hard drives and card readers, plenty of camera batteries

•A flashlight or headlamp

•A star tracker if you have one! 

**Cancellation Policy** Your credit card number is due upon booking and payment of deposit. Deposits are non refundable and if cancelled the deposit will go toward another group or private workshop. If you cancel within 30 days of the scheduled event and your seat cannot be filled the remaining balance will be charged to your card.