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Joshua Snow ~ Engineer, Artist, Landscape Photographer

Joshua Snow is a Nomad, a travelling adventurer, Artist and Landscape photographer who has gained notoriety for his highly technical approach to creating colorful, whimsical, and thought provoking imagery. Even earning him a 2nd place finish overall in the 2020 International landscape Photographer of the year awards, with 3 images also making the top 100!

His work combines very calculated and meticulous compositions with vibrant colors and vivid imagination. Doing his best to convey a sense of experience, rather than a finite moment in time. This combination has led to a demand for his immersive photography workshops that keep him on the road for sometimes months at a time in his hand-built adventure van. Over the years he has carved a niche in the photography education industry, teaching advanced creative techniques that bridge the gap between photography and digital art, and are some of the deepest and most kept secrets of the pro's. Techniques that aren't found on just any ol' workshop, either!

Josh also has the support of several of the industries top gear brands as official Ambassador. These companies include F-Stop Gear, Nisi Filters, Gnarbox, Datacolor, and LumeCube, as well as a champion and product tester for Really Right Stuff.

In his previous life Josh has held a few titles in both the culinary, and manufacturing world. Most recently in 2016 as Manufacturing Engineer for a well known Rail car manufacturer that included design and oversight of some of the countries most advanced transit systems. Before that Josh worked in the culinary industry and throughout the years leading to photography, excelled in both competitive billiards and angling.

Josh had lost touch with his creative side while pursuing a career, but that all changed when he picked up a camera in the winter of 2012 in a fight for his life. Weighing in at over 400lbs after a life long, losing battle with obesity, it was critical that he began exercising. Camera in hand Josh began walking, and hiking in the many state parks and gorges of upstate New York where he lived and worked for most of his life. The Finger lakes are home to thousands of amazing waterfalls that birthed his love and passion for capturing dynamic images that required a bit of technical nuance. Fast forward 3 and a half years, after photo trip to Utah's Arches National Park, Josh had moved to Moab! To be closer to this mazing and inspiring landscape, but also to poise for the future! A future of inspiring and educating others through immersive workshops, full time!  Josh has recently celebrated his 3rd year in business offering workshops globally!

Joshes passion in educating lies in the breakthroughs of his students. When they've reached a higher plane of photographic or creative enlightenment. Besides workshops, Josh has begun creating dynamic and extremely educational video courses that cover the fringe topics not often covered in other tutorials. These courses have become widely acclaimed by photographers both beginning and professional.

Joshes Artist Statement

In todays world it can be quite hard to truly find your uniqueness amongst so many creatives. I have worked so very hard to create an aesthetic in my photography that is unique to me. I have no traditional background in photography, it was something I picked up without any preconceptions and have always viewed what is created by a digital camera as a blank canvas for which to build upon. It is no mistake that I refer to what I create as images, rather than a photograph. I like to think of it as taking what nature has laid out and building upon it. I truly want to convey a sense of experience rather than a singular, finite moment in time. Often using techniques like the blending of focal lengths to restore perspective, panorama's of all sorts, stacking of images to overcome digital short comings and time blending to do so.  So much of what I capture and create is based on mood and my experience, both mine and the landscapes, and deciding how to best convey that with vibrant colors, complex compositions and technique. I am a particular guy and have become very particular about what I capture and when, always trying to be as creative as I can be.

My life's goal is to leave a lasting impression on the art world, expanding minds to be more creative and in this ever changing world, to also be ever changing in your craft.

The Gear I Use

The gear that I use is as important to my work as the chisel is to a sculpter. In order to create magical images one needs gear thats up for the task. Now they say "the best camera is the one you have with you", and thats true but theres no problem in investing in the best gear you can afford, even if its a little more than youd like to spend. Gear is an investment and even though it depreciates, if you take care of it, it will last you a long time. Most modern digital cameras will be relevant and useful for a decade or more, but as consumers we always want the latest and greatest. Nothing wrong with that, either! 

Most of you that follow me or have follwed me for any amount of time may know that I was a tried and true nikon guy for the entirety of my foray into photography. Well thats all recently changed when i switched to the new Sony A7R4... I ave since parted with all my nikon gear and am now using all Sony glass as well! My lineup looks like:

Sony A7R4

Sony A7R3 (backup, coming soon)

Sony 12-24mm ƒ/2.8 GM

Sony 24-70mm ƒ/2.8 GM 

Sony 70-200mm ƒ4 GM (Soon to be replaced with the 100-400)

Really Right Stuff TVC-24L & Bh-40 ballhead and accessories

Nisi Filters (V6 & S6 kits)

Shimoda Action X50 backpack with Large ICU and additional 'Plus' Straps

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