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Utah 2016 is a wrap! 

Well we're back! we flew from home here in Upstate, NY to Salt Lake city, Utah last week for 6 nights and 6 days of epic landscapes and nightscapes. We stayed in Moab near Canyonlands, and Arches National park where we shot the milky way nearly every morning into sunrise and landscapes all day long. We hardly slept at all! Halfway through the week we left Moab and headed nearly 6 hours SW to Springdale, the south entrance of Zion National Park where we were again floored by the high peaks and deep canyons and also how lush and green it was. The Astro opportunities were nearly non existent there due to heavy cloud cover but the landscapes were beautiful and there were plenty of opportunities. I was so inspired and exhilarated and produced my best imagery yet! So much so that i am now planning to host a night photography workshop in Moab next may! Stay tuned as some of my best images roll out! 



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Hey Everyone! I have built a new website, that's more intuitive, user friendly, and that displays my work a little better than the old Wordpress one! I hope you all enjoy it! Also, its now super easy to purchase prints straight from my website!!! Follow the link!

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Hey Everyone! The weekend of June 4th and 5th I will be holding a two day (6 hours each) "Finger lake Waterfall Photography" workshop. This will encompass composition, camera settings, gear, filter use and basic post processing! Go to my Facebook page - Joshua Snow Photography and Creative Imagery and then to Events, or to the post pinned at the top for more details! Seats are limited to 10, and it is $250/each, with a $25.00 deposit!