The World on a Blade of Grass

Why a tripod is every bit as important as the camera you rest upon it, and my top 4 choices In this article I discuss ONLY the tripods I would personally carry and use based on my height, fitness level, and activity level used in most shooting situations. A “one...
Art, Insecurity, and Overcoming

Art, Insecurity, and Overcoming

The battle of depression in art, and how to use it to become a better photographer! An introspective. Over the years I have learned that the key point in improving in my own work has not been from outside sources, but from within. Self reflection, self criticism, and...
5 Tips for Colorful Images

5 Tips for Colorful Images

Do you enjoy eye catching, bright and vibrant images? It’s no secret that I do!!! Here are my 5 best tips for colorful images!! 1: Capture in the largest color space your camera is capable of. Most modern cameras can capture in AdobeRGB. This will ensure that you...

Top 10 Basic Tips for Night Photography

Do you remember when you were a kid, and you’d look up at the stars and wonder how far away they were, what was floating around in space, or even wanted to be an astronaut? Well we may not all have the opportunity to space travel but with todays cameras we can...
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