NiSi Cinema 4×5.65” Explosion-Proof Protector Filter


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  • Fitted Water White Glass Filter with Shatter-Proof Coating
  • Anti-Reflective, No Glare
  • Compatible with all leading brands of matte boxes
  • No Sharpness Lost

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The NiSi Cinema 4×5.65” Explosion-Proof Protector Filter is a clear filter coated with a shatter-proof film to keep all of the pieces together in the event of a shattering impact. It is designed to protect your glass from projectiles and impacts that could do irreparable damage, whether from flying debris or accidental contact with stationary objects within a scene. Each of its surfaces features a shatter-proof coating, which creates no additional coloration or contrast and requires no adjustments to exposure. �It is constructed from water white glass for clarity and color accuracy. Each glass surface also includes one layer of nano-coating that helps to prevent reflections as well as glare.

The Nisi 4�5.65� Range is compatible with all leading brands of matte boxes that fit the 4�5.65� standard. The cinema filters also conform with the 4mm thickness allowing them to fit into filter cages or slot into cageless designs. A leatherette pouch is included for storage and transport. Also available is a larger filter case to organize and keep multiple filters at once.



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4 x 5.65"


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