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Night Photography ~ Off the Deep End with Joshua Snow & Jessica Santos Part I

This in-depth, two-part, tag-team webinar will discuss all of our favorite techniques in capturing the night sky!

Topics will include:

How and when to capture Blue hour frames
Stacking for Noise reduction
Blending images
Creating Star Haze
Handling Noise and Hot pixels
And more…


Color Science in Landscape Photography ~ a Webinar with Joshua Snow

In this 60 Minute Webinar I will show various examples of color theory at work, and discuss some of the psychology at play and how I like to use color science in my work!

Sale!  $24.99 Reg $29.99

Near-Far Composition ~ “getting Wide and Wild” a Webinar with Joshua Snow

This 2+ hour webinar will encompass the facets involved in capturing extreme-near-far compositions. Maximizing and exploiting the distortion benefits of your wide angle lens, focus stacking, perspective and focal length blending and more! Hopefully leaving you a little more open minded and understanding of what is possible through creativity and a wide angle lens!

If you would like to purchase the recorded session click below!

Sale! $29.99 Reg $39.99