Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to all your FAQs before you sign up for a workshop or tour!

Trip Insurance


“What happens if the workshop is cancelled or I can’t make it?”
This is one of the most frequently asked questions we get, but, due to the uncertain nature of travel and Mother Nature, our deposits and classes are NON-REFUNDABLE.

So, what should you do? 

Our go to answer: Travel Insurance.
Unfortunately, life doesn’t aways go as planned, and throws us curve balls resulting in cancelled workshops, flights, rental cars, etc! We understand this can add up, so we highly suggest purchasing trip insurance. Below is a list from Forbes’ website of the top recommended Travel Insurance Companies. There are many others out there, these are just the top 5!

1) Allianz Global Assistance –
2) Travelex –
3) Travel Guard –
4) Seven Corners –
5) Generali Global Assistance –

**Please see the bottom of this page for our complete cancellation policy**


“What IS Trip Insurance & What does is Cover?
Trip Insurance is an elective package you can purchase from participating insurance companies that protects many aspects of your travel and accommodations. What is covered depends on what level of coverage you purchase. Coverage can include things such as Workshop Fees, Flights, Hotels, Car Rentals, and even medical expenses. For example, if you get to the airport to find all flights cancelled which causes you to miss the workshop, you could file a claim to potentially recover some or all of your travel expenses, and even the workshop tuition.



“Is Lodging Included? What are the accommodations?”
Unless otherwise specified, all of our workshops include lodging. If lodging is not included, it will be clearly noted on the workshop information page that clients are required to book their own accommodations.
While we try our best to find lodging with as many private rooms as possible, typically we book double occupancy rooms in AirBnB style homes or hotels. Due to the remoteness of most of our workshop locations, the type of room we can offer depends solely on our lodging accommodations. This means there may be cases where clients are able to choose from private rooms to common rooms and from king beds to bunk beds.
*Please note that in most cases a discount may be offered to those in shared or common spaces. View room availability and pricing on the workshop’s sign up page. Never hesitate to reach out with any questions regarding lodging!

“If I don’t need the included lodging, do I get a discount?”
We get a lot of folks on workshops who travel with an RV or 5th wheel, live in the area, or already have other accommodations. Since we work all lodging costs (normally double occupancy) into the workshop tuition, and reserve them up to a year ahead, typically we cannot provide a discount for opting out of the lodging. In certain cases, if the hotels or property managers are willing to work with us to alter the accommodations or provide a refund for the unused room (if applicable), we may be able to work with clients who don’t need the lodging. For this reason, if you require special or alternate accommodations, we highly recommend booking your workshop as early as possible.



“May I Bring a Guest?”
Non-Photographer: If you would like to bring a non-photographer guest or significant other, we are happy to have them, when accommodations allow. The guest may accompany the group on our excursions but understands they will not be provided in field or post processing guidance. In most cases where clients bring a guest, they opt to pay for a private room (when available) for themselves and their guest or they choose to handle their own lodging. If there is no extra space, we are unable to accommodate guests. When accommodations allow, guests may be able to pay an additional fee for their own bed; this is usually a couch, sofa bed, or common space bed. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have!

Photographer: If you wish you bring a photographer guest, workshop tuition and/or photo tour fees would apply. Please view the sign up page or contact us to discuss rates and availability.

“Is Transportation Included?”
Our entire season is spent traveling to and from workshop locations in our newly converted home on wheels, so unless otherwise specified on a Workshop’s Product Page, we do not provide any form of transportation before, during, or after the workshop.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • To and from airport
  • To and from lodging
  • To and from meals
  • To and from excursions

Since we are typically traveling in our camper van, we do not have the ability to carry passengers. For this reason we request all clients handle their own transportation; carpooling, rental cars, etc. Once a workshop fills up, we send out a “Welcome” email introducing everyone in the group, at which point clients are free to discuss splitting rental cars, carpooling, etc, but we don’t suggest relying on this method as it may be too late in the game by that point.

In certain cases, we may rent a passenger van for the workshop, or a location may require transportation beyond a rental car (when off-roading to remote or extreme locations), in which case it would be specified in the workshop details that transportation is included. Again, never hesitate to reach out with questions or concerns! We’re happy to help!

No Refund/Cancellation/Postponement Policy for Registrations

Once a deposit has been paid, registration fees for workshops and other events are non-refundable unless specifically stated otherwise. If a registrant desires to reschedule his or her attendance at a workshop or event, a registration is transferable to another Seminar or event hosted by JSnowPhotography LLC, so long as registrant provides us with at least ninety (90) days written or electronic (emailed) notice of the desire to transfer the registration. Your rescheduled Seminar or event must take place within one (1) year from the original seminar or event date availability provided. If no availability to any workshops is available within one year at time of transference, it is at the sole discretion of JSnowPhotography LLC to allow acceptation to future workshops. A transfer certificate will be held on file with JSnowphotography in value to the dollar amount paid for the original registration. An administrative fee of US$50 will apply in the event you transfer your Seminar or event date as permitted above and will be added to your final billed balance.

We reserve the right to cancel or postpone a workshop or related event(s) in our sole discretion. If we cancel or postpone a workshop or event, we will use reasonable efforts to reschedule the cancelled or postponed seminar or event to within twelve (12) months from its original start date. Registration fees paid by registrants for a cancelled or postponed seminar shall be applicable to the rescheduled workshop on a dollar for dollar basis only. In the event JSnowPhotography LLC elects not to reschedule the cancelled workshop or event, registrant will be offered a refund. If this occurs, our responsibility is limited to a refund of any registration fee(s) already paid. JSnowPhotography LLC is not responsible for airline tickets, hotels costs, other tickets or payments, or any similar fee penalties or related or unrelated losses, costs and/or expenses registrant may incur or have incurred as a result of any trip cancellations or changes. Please allow thirty (30) days for us to process any refunds or credit changes. Travel Insurance should be considered.

Workshop dates and locations are subject to change without prior notice. JSnowPhotography LLC reserves the right to change any and all instructors for each Seminar or event without notice.

By registering for a workshop, you acknowledge that JSnowPhotography LLC does not make any representation, warranty, or guarantee as to whether you will ultimately attain sufficient understanding and knowledge to become a professional photographer.  

Registration Confirmations

You will receive a workshop and Hotel/Venue Information Letter VIA EMAIL by 120 days before the scheduled dates of your seminar. If you have not received it by 60 days before the scheduled dates of your workshop, please contact the office at +1 (607)239-0994 or email

Payment Information

The prices shown online are not valid in conjunction with any other offer and are subject to tax, as applicable. We accept Paypal, Venmo, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit cards. A payment charged to your credit card account is processed in U.S. funds at the then applicable foreign currency exchange rate, if the price shown is denominated in a currency other than US$. We are not responsible for any discrepancies between bank exchange rates, bank card exchange rates, Internet posted exchange rates, etc.

Checks & Money Orders are not currently accepted online. If you are unable to pay using Paypal, Venmo or your Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover credit card please contact our office at +1 (607)239-0994 to make alternate payment arrangements.