Autumn in Acadia~October 16th-20th

The Dynamic Landscape

4 Nights of Lodging Included (4 Private Rooms, 1 shared space(discounted))

Acadia National Park is such a unique, and dynamic place, with no shortage of challenging subject matter sure to sharpen the skills of the wary novice to the seasoned pro!  This workshop will take us around Acadia, in hardwood wetlands, rugged coastlines, slippery boulder beaches, and mountain waterfalls all durning prime autumn splendor!  Just minutes from the bustling little town of Bar Harbor, the shops, restaurants, and of course the port where fresh seafood and lobsters are delivered daily!  Please join me for 4 days and nights in the magical place during the peak of fall color, stay in a lovely Air B&B with myself and your classmates included in your tuition, complete with a farewell lobster feast! 

Group Size

5 Students

Experience Level



Rugged Coastline, and forests


Moderate Hiking (up to 2 miles)

For 4 day and 4 nights we will bask in the splendor of this sunning place at the height of autumn color! We will spend our days learning to capture more dynamic images, create more compelling compositions, and convey the story we want our images to tell! When we aren’t in the field we will be gathered for post processing and image critique sessions in our cozy Air B&B! The itineraries are kept very fluid to allow us to maximize our field time, and post processing instruction.

There will be plenty of time to explore the island on your own as well! Theres more than just nature and photography abound in Acadia, with such close proximity to the port of bar harbor, and the quaint little town, you’ll want to get the full experience, but don’t fill yourself too much with lobster as our farewell feast Saturday evening will be a traditional Maine lobster bake!

From rugged, thunderous coastal crevices, amazing views, beaches of perfectly round boulders, and a rainbow of leaves, there will be overwhelming opportunities to make great images! The weather in Acadia during the fall can be fickle, but even in the worst light there is plenty to capture, and much to see!

This 4 day and 4 night workshop includes lodging, and a Lobster Feast!

(*does not include car rental, flights, or any other food or drink)

We will be based out of a beautiful, historic home in Bar Harbor, which has 4 private bedrooms, one queen, 3 singles, and a sleeper sofa, the tuition is rated differently for the 3 accommodation types and requires a non refundable deposit of $500.00 at time of booking!

Private room with a queen bed~$2295.00 (1)

Private room with a single bed~$2250.00 (3)

Sleeper sofa~$2150.00 (1)

*Balance due upon arrival, can be paid at any time via the sign up button! 

*All students are welcome to purchase food and drink to be prepared in the house.

View Lodging Here:

Loose Itinerary

We will begin this workshop with a short meet and greet in Bar Harbor, at noon on Wednesday October 16th for lunch, and a chance to get to know each other, discuss plans, locations, image critiquing, and a good time at the Bar Harbor Lobster Co!

Weather dependent we will wrap up the meet and greet to set out for our first field session, followed by an evening at our accommodation, for a continuation of image critiquing and discussion on all things photography.

Each day will be full of photography, capturing sunrise and sunset as often as mother nature allows, and even when the sun, and magical color aren’t present we will find ourselves looking down, up, and all around for creative opportunities, and even night photography!

Processing sessions, and image critiques are a priority, but will be arranged around our field time, and to allow adequate travel time to and from locations, and to allow the group to have some personal exploration time.

*All participants are allowed to disclose themselves from any excursion, if they do not want to participate, or require rest.  

Topics Covered

  • Composition ~ Using patterns of waves during long exposures as leading lines, and many other compositional techniques
  • Camera Settings ~ Getting very intimate with your gear!
  • Creative use of Filters ~Polarizer, 3 stop ND, 3 stop soft graduated ND essential, 10 stop optional
  • How to capture movement ~ Waves & Fog
  • How to take advantage of any light
  • Bracketing
  • Focus Stacking  
  • Metering ~ Where and what to expose for and why
  • Finding focus ~ Understanding hyperlocal distance, where to focus and why
  • How to read your Histogram ~ Don’t trust your LCD
  • Raw Processing
  • Exposure blending
  • Focus stacking ~ Using Photoshop and Helicon Focus
  • Global and Local adjustments via Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop
  • Creating and Enhancing light
  • Dodging & Burning
  • Curves &  Levels
  • Blend If
  • Luminosity, Channel, and Color Range Masking

Things You Will Need for This Workshop

  • A camera (Full frame is ideal)
  • A wide angle lens (11-35mm)
  • A mid range zoom (35-100mm)
  • A telephoto zoom lens (100mm+)
  • A tripod (sturdy, aluminum or heavy carbon is essential)
  • Cable or wireless shutter release
  • A camera cover (rain cap, plastic bag, backpack cover etc.. to protect from elements)
  • Filters (We will use polarizers, 3 stop ND filters, and 3 stop grads frequently, a 10 stop could be useful for very long exposures)
  • Clothing for moderate, and wet conditions early mornings could be in the 40’s and wet (Waders, wading boots/shoes, rain jacket, rain pants, poncho, hat, umbrella)
  • Clothing for warm dry days (sandals, shorts, t-shirts, hat, sunglasses)
  • Camera bag with water proof or resistant cover
  • Laptop, hard drives
  • Memory cards (multiple)
  • Camera batteries with chargers
***If you do not have filters, but are interested in obtaining them, a 20% discount is available on all Nisi Filter Products

**Cancellation Policy** Your credit card number is due upon booking and payment of deposit. Deposits are non refundable and if cancelled the deposit will go toward another group or private workshop. If you cancel within 30 days of the scheduled event and your seat cannot be filled the remaining balance will be charged to your card.


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